I want my business to be as transparent as possible by selling good quality, handmade products to people who wants to make the difference. Reusing textile and other materials is so important to me to avoid any waste. I also reuse good  condition packagings that has been send to me to pack your order. Trusting me is helping me grow a business with ethical, organic and environmental care values. As often as possible, I will also make special edition t-shirts with a percentage of the sale going to charity.




I'm a one person ethical and conscious fashion business who started in May 2017. After a long time travelling, working and getting inspiration around the world I finally settled in the UK with this business idea. Travelling inspired me many drawings from nature. I spent hours drawing different plants, animals, corals, seashells ... anything that I could find in nature.…After scanning all of my drawings, I started to find ways of being able to show my drawings on different mediums. I started to print some of my drawings on t-shirts and tote bags and began to sell them at different craft markets. However, relying too much on suppliers and not being able to control the quality, I invested in an embroidery machine. With this new tool at home I'm now able to produce t-shirts or tote bags made to order.


Behing the scene